Nimalist Wallet - Titanium
Premium Titanium

Exceptional strength
& durability

Website Exclusive
Nimalist Wallet - Premium SteelNimalist Wallet - Premium Steel
Streamlined Design

Bold & Textured
Premium Steel

Available in New Finishes
Nimalist Wallet - Aluminum
Space-Grade Aluminum

The ideal balance
of durability and weight

Nimalist Slide Wallet - Leather
Premium leather

Luxurious finish that
transforms your carry

Redefining Wallet

Next-level wallets
built for quick access

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Offering an ideal balance
of durability and weight.

Carbon Fiber

Our strongest & lightest
wallet with 3k weave.

Premium Metal

Unparalleled strength & durability
to withstand anything life throws at it.

Premium Wood

Effortlessly adds unique
character to your everyday carry.

NIMALIST™ Slide Wallet - Aluminum

Minimalist meets function

The Nimalist Slide Wallet has been designed to fit your everyday essentials into a practical & sleek compartment.
NIMALIST™ Slide Wallet - Aluminum

Designed and crafted with precision in mind

Our products are designed & crafted to last. Made from premium materials & equipped with RFID-blocking technology.
NIMALIST™ WALLET -  Premium Wood


We build top notch products that simplify and streamline daily life. Our minimalist designs provide maximum utility — letting you do more with less — and, in turn, redefine the everyday essentials.

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Customer Reviews


Great wallet made from high quality materials

It's super slim & very comfortable to carry and use.

John M.
Los Angeles, CA

Nimalist Wallet has held up to all the daily abuse

No issues or scratches from wear and tear whatsoever!

Chad Robel
Chicago, IL

Perfect way to carry the essentials

This carbon fiber wallet carries my driver's license, credit cards, membership cards and cash in the most compact form I've ever had.

Rocio Hegmann
San Diego, CA

Excellent Wallet 10/10

This wallet is everything the company has claimed it to be. Very unique, extremely convenient. Butter soft leather.

Gregory L.
Orange County, CA

Wonderfully designed wallet

The design is so modern and it looks so nice. The button that pops up your cards is so convenient. It’s the whole reason I bought the wallet.

Freddie V.

About Nimalist

Born out of a shared love of good design & quality products, we create considered solutions fit for the modern lifestyle. Always driven by passion, we work to empower others to live the same way.

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